A Proven Concept - Network Marketing

HB101 uses the concept of Network Marketing (AKA MLM) to create a large successful business. Over the past 30 years thousands upon thousands have used the Network Marketing Industry to establish a triple figure annual lifetime income by spending 2-5 years building a simple multi-level Marketing Organization. The overwhelming majority of these people were able to get their organization started by working with 3-5 people.

Network Marketing works! However, the problem with Network Marketing is to be able to build a large successful organization you need to be part of a system. As the network marketing industry evolved many of these systems gained a life of their own - becoming more and more costly - while paying more and more profits to ONLY those at the TOP of the Network! In fact many of these top Network Marketing distributors earn more from the system than from the programs these systems were originally designed to promote - BIG PROBLEM.

The major (un-intended) result of this evolution of the Network Marketing systems were the continuously increasing monthly costs of systems resulted in the inability of the lower class, (and much of the middle class) to afford the cost of these systems for the 6-18 months it would take to reach the break even point.

This problem seemed to be solved in the 1990's with the growth of the internet. For a short time two to three year period thousands were able to build large affiliate organizations - but these programs quickly saturated the market, then the scam artists and the spammers moved in and the internet affiliate market bubble burst almost as soon as it got started.

Why do we need the HB101 program?

When most people join a Network Marketing Program (AKA MLM) they are asked to sign up for a monthly product purchase ranging from $50 to $200 or more. Then they are asked to purchase expensive tools they are told are necessary to work the system. They are required to drive hundreds of miles each month to attend weekly opportunity meetings and training sessions taking time away from their family. Many times they ARE NOT TOLD they must build a group of at least 15-40 people to reach the break-even point (the point at which their expenses are covered by their earnings).

As a result a person (who thought they were joining a program that would set them financial free for the rest of their life) find themselves spending an extra $200 to $500 dollars a month, with no income in sight. They realize if they tell any of their friends the truth of how their business is going they would not even consider joining. In fact, if they had an extra $200 to $500 a month to spend, they would have never joined in the first place. They quit and have a negative attitude about the Network Marketing Industry the rest of their lives.

To fill this void and to make the Network Marketing concept available to everyone the HB101 system was created! For only a one-time $20 cost anyone can access a proven, successful system they can use to build a large, successful network marketing organization. NO MONTHLY COSTS!